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Curious about building a digital career?

INCO Academy Steps Into Tech will teach you not only the necessary knowledge and practices, but how to think with digital skills in mind. By the end, you’ll have the in-demand skills to help advance your digital career for a brighter future.

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Discover the world of technology and its codes so that you can enter the industry with confidence

Gain first-hand insight into job positions and possibilities


Explore your unique set of strengths and areas to help you choose a successful career path


Develop an actionable plan to launch your digital career


Free of charge

Beginner level - No degree or prior experience required

For Ukrainians displaced internally and across Europe

Support from industry experts and trainers

Community of participants to network and support

Flexible schedule: learn at your own pace

Freelancer Working from Home


Level 1: First Steps - Digital Literacy and Productivity

Learn or improve your digital and online collaboration skills on this learning pathway. You’ll explore the basics of working with computers, collaborating online and working with Microsoft programs.

By the end of the course, you’ll use your LinkedIn profile to connect with other professionals, job seekers and companies to build your network and secure a job.

Level 2: Next Steps

Dive deeper into specific professional roles and career paths. You can choose from one of six different role-based pathways including:

  • Administrative Assistance

  • Project Management

  • Business Analysis

  • System Administration

  • Data Analysis

  • Software Development.


In each course, you will gain an overview of specific roles, fundamental knowledge and the pathways to success. With support from our team of experts, you'll complete hands-on exercises to learn concrete skills that employers are hiring for right now.

Level 3: Get the Job

Discover resources which will prepare you for your job search. Our workshops, events and consultations with industry professionals will be tailored to support you in your transition to a new career in the digital world.

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Gain confidence exchanging knowledge and experiences with other participants

Time Management
Plan your own learning effectively to achieve your professional goals

Problem Solving
Develop a solutions-focused, tech-mindset to overcome challenges

Online Collaboration
Get to know tools that help you work with people around the world

Digital Skills
Become comfortable in working in the digital environment of fulfill tasks

Critical Thinking
Learn to analyze situations and data to devise solutions and make informed decisions

The program is designed to prepare you to work as an administrative assistant, project manager, business analyst, system administrator, data analyst and software developer.



Gain in-depth knowledge.

Build portfolio-worthy projects and solve real industry problems while you learn. With our flexible learning model that works, you'll be able to show recruiters your well-rounded skills to advance your career.

Build a pragmatic, sustainable roadmap.

Explore different roles to help build your path to a digital career. You’ll learn the right thing at the right time, all in one place, tailored to you and your future career.

Get job ready.

INCO Academy programs will teach you not only the necessary languages and technologies, but how to think like an industry expert, too.

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